About Us


Are you confused by the labels "natural skincare" or "organic beauty products"?  Unfortunately, the use of "natural" and "organic" are often unregulated and through a little research and speaking with product experts the meanings vary greatly!  If you are anything like me, I could google for hours researching certain ingredients or percentages of organic ingredients and still question whether a product is truly a clean product...

Our Story

In 2009, I attended an esthetics program where I developed a passion for skincare.  After a couple years of working in spas, I eventually went back to college to finish my degree.  Although my love for skincare continued, the demand of a full time job kept skincare simply a hobby.

In 2017, amidst my skincare my obsession, I discovered the Environmental Working Group (EWG.org), an organization that focuses on educating consumers, empowering people to make smart choices and changing the market.  There is a common theme among  products with the EWG VERIFIED: For Your Health™ mark on a product.  Product makers  go above and beyond to disclose more about its formulations and manufacturing processes.  I was instantly drawn to the fact that all products are held to the same standard.

Now, the exciting part!

This is when SkinLure was founded!  I have personally connected with experts from each brand offered through SkinLure to be able offer a collection of products with consumer health and safety as top priority. By choosing personal care products that are held to the same standard, I am confident in the ability to help consumers choose products that not only add benefit to skin care routines, but also provide safe and fully disclosed ingredients.  

Through SkinLure, I have created marketplace where you will find truly clean products in a single location, which is huge for those of us who use a variety of beauty products.  By building relationships with each brand expert, my goal is to provide you, our consumers, with a new standard of personal care!


Amber M.